Saturday, October 14, 2006

MORE BOOKS-These are very old; some are weird AND old

Note: I can take send digital photos of any book you are interested in...

1. "The Greatest of Expositions", the Official View of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. b/w photos of the exhibits, printed in 1904. This book's spine is detached, but all pages are intact. Fascinating historical pictures. Could be repaired. $150 plus shipping.

2. "A Book of Unusual Soups", Mary Chambers, 1930, a New Jersey library discard. What a gift for a cookbook collector! Hardbound, 5x7+, good cond, some wear on spine. $15 plus shipping

3. "Stories from Shakespeare", Boston, 1890, hardback, some discoloration on front, inscribed in ink from a teacher to a student in 1895. spine partially loose. $10 plus shipping

4. "Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow" by Jerome K. Jerome, printed in NY in 1898, first ed. Hardback, spine faded, sturdy cond. $15 plus shipping

5. "A Dead President Makes Answer to the President's Daughter", by Anton Shrewsbury Jenks, pub. by The Golden Hind Press NY 1928. It seems to be a refutation of an earlier book "The President's Daughter". Strange. Worn edges, nice paper in lining. $10 plus shipping.

6. "Flight of a Tartar Tribe" by DeQuincey. by Wauchope. Small hardback, fair condition $5. plus shipping

7. "Ben King's Verse", ed. by Nixon Waterman. 1905, 2nd ed. ...this is verse, mostly old-fashioned, folksy dialect. ..a real curiosity. $20 plus shipping.

8. "The Works of Honore DeBalzac"..The Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau and the Middle Classes in one book, printed in 1901. Worn. Part of limited edition of 1000. $15. plus shipping.

9. "Ain't Love Gland?", by Kate Townsend, a Physiological Guide to Mating, illus. w/drawings by Dorothea Parrot. 1936 1st. ed., ....fascinating descriptions off characteristics of people according to their supposed glandular excesses or shortages....$15. plus shipping

Friday, October 13, 2006

BOOKS FOR SALE: all are special in some way...

1. "Spindizzies", by Eric Zausner-$300. -a large (11x17) book about gas-powered model racers/ color photos. Often listed for about $700 elsewhere. This is a withdrawn library book, in good condition, no dust jacket.

2. "The Europeans", photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson, cover by Joan Miro. Simon & Shuster. about 11x14. No dust jacket. Slight separation of spine near top of book, otherwise in good shape. $300.

3. "The Muppet Show Book", pub. 1978

4. "a set of "Metropolitan Seminars in Art", by John Canaday-have over 20 of them, in good cond.-just a bit faded here and there. The one I'm looking at is dated 1950. Each of these books has about 12 color plates in an envelope attached to the front cover. Would like to get just $20 shipping.

4. new..."We are all in the Dumps", by Maurice Sendak, $15 plus shipping

5. special Heritage Club edition of "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" -1962, with 16 four-color lithographs by the French artist Jean Charlot. Has slipcase, $25 plus shipping

6. a 1931, Hogarth Press ed. of "Moll Flanders" with illustrations by Alexander King (I remember seeing him on the Johnny Carson show about 40 years ago!) -shows wear, bargain at $20 plus shipping.

7. first printing, 1962 of "The Rievers" by Wm Faulkner, has dust jacket $15 plus shipping

8. "A treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan"-the words and music of 102 songs from Eleven Operettas, with illustrations. a large book, good cond.spine faded, Simon & Shuster, 1941. Great gift for music lover- $80 plus shipping.

9. a Heritage Club edition (1942) of "A Woman's Life", illustrations by Edy Legrand. printed in London by Nonesuch Press. Has slipcase. $40 plus shipping

10. "The American Mercury Reader", 1944, short stories by writers who are now classic "famous authors"....$15 plus shipping

11. hardback "pocket edition", 1944 of D.H. Laurence's "Sons & Lovers" . rather worn $5 plus shipping